MPSC UPSC Career Guidance

Government exams always attract the students and specially the government jobs the attract the students very much. Government jobs are considered settle jobs in the society. Now there has been a lot of competition for the government jobs these days. A student after completing graduation degree in any of the stream can apply for various jobs, posts in the government sector. There are two kinds of job opportunities in the government sector. The jobs offered under the state government and the jobs offer under the central government. Both of the exams are different. For the central government course exams like UPSC are conducted. The UPSC exams are conducted for the posts of IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS etc. and for other several posts. As you want to know difference between UPSC and MPSC exams mean Maharashtra Public Commission. This exam is conducted for the posts of state government offered by the Maharashtra Government. Under MPSC the posts like PSI, SPI, Deputy Collector, Assistant commissioner sales Tax, Tahasildar, Block development officer, Taluka Inspector of land records, etc. The MPSC exam is conducted for the class I and class II posts under the Maharashtra Government. A student completing his graduation degree from any stream is eligible for the UPSC and MPSC exam. Compitativ exams like MPSC, UPSC carrier guidance and lectures series from class one officer provided to student