Bachelor of Arts

B. A. can be pursued in various disciplines such as Marathi, English, Hindi, History, Sociology, Geography, Journalism, and Psychology. The course can be undertaken right after passing class 12th in India. Usually, a three-year course Arts programme is offered by college (Mumbai university).     B. A. General course can be pursued in a full-time mode. The subjects will vary depending on the selected subject. 

Bachelor of Arts or B. A. is one of the most demanding undergraduate programmes in Arts. It is a three year undergraduate programme that strives to give students with a wide understanding of the humanities and social sciences through the several B. A. concentrations available. Students can work as Executive Associates, HR Managers, Copywriters, Marketing Managers, Teachers, Professor, Sales Directors, and several other similar profiles after graduation.
After graduation, students can also consider joining Civil Services or going for higher education like a Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Arts (MA), or Law. After B.A. degree students are able to pursue their education in M. A., M. Phil and Ph. D in interest of their subjects.